Wayne Coppins, Associate Professor of Religion, University of Georgia


I am Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia, where I have taught since 2007. I specialize in New Testament Studies / Early Christianity, and my teaching and research interests focus on the letters of Paul, and the Synoptic Gospels. I am also strongly committed to fostering increased dialogue between German and English scholarship in the field, a commitment that is most evident in my co-editorship, with Simon Gathercole, of the academic series Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity. Of my own publications, I am most fond, despite the modesty of its genre, of my RBL Review of Ernst Käsemann’s book On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene, since the process of writing it both confirmed and deepened my conviction that “Every decent theology was, is, and will be a theology of liberation” (Ernst Käsemann).