From Jesus to the New Testament

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"From the book From Jesus to the New Testament by Jens Scröther. Copyright © 2013 by Baylor University Press. Reprinted by arrangement with Baylor University Press. All rights reserved."

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Pre-publication Reviews:
“Schröter does what very few New Testament scholars—whether English- or German-speaking—manage: to ground his historical analysis explicitly in a nuanced and sophisticated theoretical discussion of what it means to do history. Schröter’s book serves as a superb introduction to and analysis of German New Testament scholarship.”
Adele Reinhartz, Full Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa

“Jens Schröter’s collection of essays seeks to penetrate deeply below the surface of the New Testament and its history and historical figures, and to bring into a meaningful perspective the theology and history that gave rise to the faith of the earliest Christians. Many think a New Testament canon is a snapshot of what went on, but Schröter shows that the canon itself can only be understood in light of a long history of developments in different directions.”
Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

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Review of Biblical Literature
Biblische Notizen 
New Testament Abstracts
Revue d’ histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses
De Stern van het Boek
Jahrbuch f. Evangelikae Theol.
Verbum et Ecclesia 

Nils Neumann 
Michael Ernst 

C. Grappe  
Franz Graf-Stuhlhofe
Christoph Stenschke  

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Jens Schröter’s Jesus Book
If you have enjoyed Jens Schröter’s book From Jesus to the New Testament, you may also wish to consult the English translation of his Jesus book, namely:
Schröter, Jens. Jesus of Nazareth: Jew from Galilee—Savior of the World. Translated by Wayne Coppins and Brian Pounds. Waco, Tex.: Baylor University Press, 2014.